I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of different businesses for commercial photography and styling purposes.

This is a sampling of some businesses and brands I have worked with and continue to advocate for, along with some past client testimonials! 

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pei wei


You are the first professional photographer we have worked with since getting started 3 years ago, and I WISH we would have made the leap from day 1. Not only has it saved me, as a business owner, 100s of hours of time and stress, we have already seen an increase in our sales. Our new photos by LifeCreated have also opened the door to multiple business channels that we wouldn’t have been able to get into with our less polished look. Working with Stephanie has truly allowed our brand to flourish! There is no question in my mind that the investment is worth it.


I have hired Stephanie a couple of times to help me style photo shoots for some important projects. I knew that I wanted to hire her for her fantastic eye for table and food styling. Stephanie is great to work with and has brought some wonderful ideas that I would have never considered to make my photos the best outcome I had visioned. I will continue to hire Stephanie because of her professionalism and multiple talents.  


Working with @lifecreated on some product shots was the best business decision I’ve made in a while!!! I’m putting together a brand new website and her amazing talent is making everything come together so nicely! So glad I finally asked! I’ve heard it time and time again that asking for help is okay, and necessary in growing a business.


You have blown me away! These images are beyond perfection — i’m seriously over the moon!! Thank you for such a wonderful results!!


 Thank you for all your work, your images make the products SHINE   I’ll be in touch should I need anything additional!