In The Kitchen: Delicious Fruit Pizza

The Pioneer Woman has an endless amount of yummy recipes, it seems...and I finally decided to make one: Fruit Pizza!

This would be great for a brunch, baby shower treat, or (if you're like me) no reason at all.

I read it and knew instantly that it would be a "hit" in my house! We eat a lot of fruit around here...and cookies, well, I never say no to those.

Since this was going to just be a treat for my daughter to enjoy making and eating , I skimped and used store bought sugar cookie dough. In the end, I found this recipe to be just as delicious with the pre-made dough, so if you are ever in a time crunch, or short on some ingredients, that may be an option.

I do want to eventually try her homemade cookie recipe found at the bottom of this post.

We made this yummy treat super quick, and ate it pretty quickly too.

1) Roll out your dough ...use a rolling pin or side of a cup if you have to...then bake as one large cookie
2) While its cooking, cut up your fruit and create the frosting. We cut the frosting recipe in half and whipped just one tub of marshmallow cream and one package of cream cheese in the mixer
taste test!!
3) Sread out the whipped mixture on your cooled cookie
4) Top your pizza with your favorite fruit and eat up!
You can also use the top of a cup to cut your large cookie into uniform circles if you rather they be finger-food-sized "pizzas"...we just cut ours into square yummy!

This recipe can be found here!