Rope Letters

Do you have a piece of ribbon or twine or a thin rope laying around you have no use for?
Well, if you have little kids who still have to learn their letters,  you may have a use for this rope, afterall.

In my daughter's mommy and me gymnastics class, the girls were given jump ropes and then asked to form letters using the jump rope. Later that day when we got home, my daughter found a piece of ribbon that I had out on my kitchen table (aka my craft table) and she proceeded to "make an O".

Try this at home with your kids! A great way to play and learn together with something so simple as a piece of ribbon.

Make sure you supervise all children when playing with strings/rope/ribbon, etc. as they may pose a danger.

I found that a piece about 2 feet long was great for making good-sized letters on the ground.
If you want, you could even cut a smaller piece- maybe 8 inches long or so, and keep it in your purse in case there is ever a long wait at a restaurant or some place like that.

We opened a letter book we had so that my daughter could mimic the letter shapes she saw visually.

I hope your kids have fun learning with you!

  • Make a sound of a letter and ask your child to form the letter for the sound you are making
  • Come up with a movement for each letter. (Example, form a "J" and then ask he/she to do some jumping jacks)
  • Try the upper case and lower case forms of the letters