Hope for the future husbands

Having daughters is such a blessing.
Being married to a man who is such a great father to his daughters is such a blessing too.

The time we found out that our first was going to be a girl, I will never forget the stunned look and feeling we both had. We were CERTAIN it was going to be a boy. I, being the oldest in my family, didnt want my daughter to have a similar experience as me...I wanted her to have a protective older brother.

Looking back, and even within a day or two, we realized this was the BEST plan for us.....God's plan.

Now that we have 2 beauties, almost 3 and 6 months, I find myself aching for memorable experiences with them...already feeling like my time is passing me by.

It is one of my deepest desires for my girls to find THE man for them one day and that he be beyond wonderful.

Every now and then it hits me that, as I am raising my daughters, there is a little boy somewhere in the world being raised with parents who probably hope the same thing for him.
When I sit and play games with my 2 year old and catch myself thinking how beautiful and smart she is... I wish there was a way to keep her this small forever. The endless "momma, cuddle me" moments I get everyday are so priceless and I never want them to end.

I know I may be premature in thinking about all of this, but she turns 3 next month, and I just have a feeling that I am going to blink and there will be a 1 in front of that 3. Then one day, a 2.

Unless my daughter decides to marry a boy quite a bit older/younger than her, I can bet he is somewhere right now....I pray that his parents know that they been blessed with a great gift. We both have. God crafted little hearts and minds, and gave them to us in the form of babies, ready to be loved and molded in accordance to His purpose.

I hope they love on him everyday...that they model healthy love
I hope they pray for him everyday.
I hope they are good listeners to his ideas...and encourage him too.
I hope they remind him that he is special, and wanted......
and so much more...