Mason Jar Lace Wraps

It's no suprise that I love Spring and Summer....who doesn't??

The green everywhere, and the warmth is just so enjoyable...I am a skirts and shorts kind of girl!

 I'll never forget those years we lived in Alaska, we couldn't wait for our 3 month "summer"...we sure did look forward to the warmth that would reveal our hidden driveway, and not cause us to do desperate things to enjoy what little sun we had.  Did I ever tell anyone about the drastic things my mom did to get sun? how everyday around 2, she'd escape to the garage, pullout the subaru we had (that had a sun roof), and she'd recline in that thing til the sun started going down. If we ever wondered where she went for an hour or two, we just had to look in the driveway. ha!

Anyway, back to the reason for this post...

If you followed my other page, {or maybe you didnt}, you'll know I have spent the last nearly 2 1/2 years making custom wedding invitations and paper items.

During that venture, I accumulated a lot of things, like this adorable lace trim I got YARDS of for wedding invites....I decided to make it useful for my mason jar glasses I am in process of collecting as drinking glasses

 I whipped up these mason jar wraps super quick... perfect for a summer party, or family picnic.
They add such a "pretty" feel to any jar.
Having a bridal shower? These could be wonderful favors for the guests too ;)

Want to make your own?
 Its as simple as buying a yard of your favorite lace trim and finding a jar! Wrap your trim around the jar to measure how big it needs to be. Gather the 2 ends together and sew a simple straight stitch. Turn it inside out to hide the seam and viola!

Want some of these?
You can go to my ETSY shop here.

A a special treat, I will give 3 away MONDAY at noon (Arizona time) wrap for 3 lucky people, so comment here to enter!

1 entry if you Like my page on FB
1 extra entry if you share this on your facebook too ;)

2 entries total for each person, and I will send the 3 winners a wrap for whatever jar they want ;) will pick the comments to win

These wraps are made by me for 3 winners, and FB is not affiliated with this giveaway.

Thanks for reading this post!