Thrift Store Finds

Have you ever gone to the Goodwill or the thrift store and found the most amazing thing? Have you raked in a bunch of new accessories you didn't think you would find? Well, I too have a found a few great things there, and its always a reminder that the rejects of others can be repurposed and given new life in a new home.

Recently, I went to my Goodwill to find circular frames. I found some, but they happened to have porcelain art framed that I didnt want. As I was about to bash them in with a hammer, I found a Royal Copenhagen mark on the back. Through a little research I found them to be a set selling in online auctions from between $400-$700 dollars!! I had only paid $12 for the set, and I was going to keep the circular frames I originally wanted!
After posting them on ebay, I only got a bid of $20, so some person in New Jersey really got a steal, but hey, I made my money back. I didnt want the art at all, so I was happy just to make 20 bucks back.

One other great find I had were these silver bowls. I found them at two seperate places at seperate times, but they were both a great deal. Especially the big one, which I found for about $3!

The only problem is...I have no idea what to use it for since it is so huge.

Any suggestions welcome ;)

What have you found??!