Dust Scatterer

Just little tid bit for your Friday.........something Ive been feeling for the past week

Dust Scatterer
When you have little ones in your lives
They watch you
They love you
They think you are wise
Please do not forget to think of your words
A "no" and "don't do it that way"
Are not just tiny slurs
That are easily forgotten
By the little dears
Who love to watch-to see-to hear

They think you are important
Someone to trust
They haven't had life
Shower dust
On their dreams, their hopes, their beautiful smile
They try new things and all the while
Hoping you will fuel their willingness to try
Don't let that light wither and die

A light not easily re lit
Their determination and hope has shrunk a tiny bit
Don't be the dust scatterer
Their hearts are so new
Erasing a negative is difficult to do

Our kids need a yes, they can do it their way
Sometimes their way is better
As a parent, that's hard to say
Those little ears are more likely to try
When a parent loves and stays close by
Giving them a shoulder no matter the case
We've all got a gift
Its called grace

written by me in about 10 minutes at 8 am this morning, so please forgive the spelling and punctuation issues...I am not a poet.

My two year old taught me this lesson this week. I am deeply regretting a correction I gave her about a game she was playing. I wasn't mean about it at all...Now she wont play it anymore. She is afraid of doing it the wrong way, and won't even try.
 It breaks my heart that something so dumb has made such an impact on her. I am working daily to erase the negative I showed her last week. Its so hard.