A Day With No Title

I hope you find this Wednesday morning in great expectation for the day.
That's what you should do...expect great things.

Great people are everywhere!
You are great, and if you don't think so, stop typing.
 Look at your fingers. Do you see those fingerprints you have?
They are like no one else's in the world. No one has your mind or heart.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012...
If you google it, you could find a lot of man-given titles for this day..."World Turtle Day", for instance.
Please people, if you don't know already, be nice to turtles.
Like we really need a day to tell us to eat a doughnut, hug a friend, or smell a flower.
I think its ridiculous.

 Sometimes I wish I could live how my pets live every day:

Don't they look so carefree?
You'd never know it, but my dog was abandoned at the animal shelter several times before we rescued her the day before she was going to be euthanized.
My cat came as a kitten rescued from the middle of the road where her other family members had already been trampled by a car.

For some, today may be the day they get bad news...maybe good news...maybe they have their first baby, or their baby takes his/her last breath. Maybe this is someones anniversary, and another person's day to sign the divorce papers. Maybe someone has a big dinner planned, and another person is scrounging in trash for food.

You can change someones May 23rd, 2012. This day is not just about you, I hope you realize.

You never know what even the next day brings, so hug and tell the ones you love and let them know they matter. If you don't feel like you matter, try making someone else feel like they matter. Give a little compliment, write a little note....maybe snail mail style.

Today is just another day with no title.
Don't wait for days with designated titles to take action.

Teachers appreciation week just passed, but shouldn't we value teachers all year?
Its not fathers day (yet) but call your dad if you can, and let him know he's on your mind.
Try to smell the flowers often.
If you are a "professional" at something, mentor a newbie and change their life with your expertise.
Celebrate life more than just on birthdays.
Be nice to turtles everyday.

Life is a choice everyday, and our days are limited.
Don't let this day go by without trying something creative, making a memory, or growing a friendship.