I'm Not Right

Yikes! I blinked and I am about to turn 29! This year has been monumental.... I had my second daughter, and learned a lot about being a mom and more. My most recent lesson has been humility.

 I sometimes feel so much older than my age, which isnt' really a good thing. In reality, I am excited about my 30's approaching.

Today's post is short and sweet, since I just want to share something on my mind for the past month.
I have been working on biting my tongue and using my ears and heart before my mouth.

I call it a "Thumper Attitude" : If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Granted, this attitude is sometimes hard to keep in tact when trying to motivate my husband to do housework;)

I also added my own half to the quote: As I get older, I get more experienced and maybe more wise, but my wisdom gained from experiences doesn't  make me RIGHT.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who think they know everything about everything.
 It occurred to me recently that the reason they annoy me so much, is because I am one of them.

I've started to realize that just because I have experienced military life, breastfed babies, potty-trained my toddler, taught middle school for a couple of years, created {fill in the blank}, doesn't make my methods the best, the easiest, or the RIGHT way.

I may have baked something one way....you can make it you're way and it will still taste good.
I sleep-trained my babies one way...you can do your own way, and they will be just fine.

Instead of giving my "2 cents" in other peoples lives, I'm try to invest much more...lending an ear, a prayer, and an encouraging word to someone before lending my "2 cents".

Think about how you contribute to your friend's lives...hopefully, you're not big-headed like I used to be all of the time.