Kid-Simple Patriotic Garlands

We are a patriotic family...I love my Marine!

This is us pre-kids and married a month....we were in ignorant bliss, living a newlywed's life and celebrating his promotion he had just received.

Home from Iraq

 A couple of years later, we started adding babies to the mix...

I can't imagine my life without pride for our country and those who live to defend it.

In preparation for this important holiday, we decided to make some easy garlands that take a short amount of time and don't require a lot of supplies or money.

I hope you decide to make one of these..they are fun and pretty when they are hung!

POM-POM Garland

You need: Yarn (I used red,white and blue)
                  Roll of twine (bought a big roll at Home Depot for just a couple of dollars)

1)Take your 3 colors and put the ends of all 3 together

2) Pull a long amount of the 3 strands together, so they are all the same length. You will need a long amount...the more you use, the more full your pom poms will be

3) Get a piece of card board and cut out 2 circles...using a CD for a stencil works great. Cut a smaller hole in the middle of both of those, a long with 1 slit going through one side of your newly formed "doughnut"

 Wrap the yarn around and around until it is all around your cardboard!

 Once your doughnuts are wrapped well, get your scissors and go between the 2 cardboard pieces, snipping the strings carefully.

 Get a longer piece of yarn and go between the 2 pieces of cardboard...tie a tight knot (or a few) to sinch the pieces together.

 Take your pom off through the slit. Use the long string that is extra to tie your poms onto your garland twine, or whatever you wish to use for your garland.
Fluff and trim any long pieces that are left.

Fabric Bunting Garland

What you need: Scrap fabric
                          Cardboard triangle
                          Glue (fabric or hot is fine)
                          Length of lace trim

1) Get your lace trim, and iron it flat. My lace trim is a little wide, and I wanted to hid the raw edges of my triangles, so I folded it in half. Use helps keep it folded and a little stiff. There are many kinds that you can find in the stores...

2) Cut a cardboard triangle...mine was 4 inches across the top (small triangles look cute, but big ones can be made too)

3) Iron your triangles, and sandwich them in any order into your lace trim (if you folded it)...attach them to the trim with a line of glue. I used hot glue because I wanted instant adhesion without any wait.

I loved this pledge of allegiance fabric I had stashed away...

Coffee Filter Garland

You need: Paint (Acrylic works well, but others are fine too)
                 Coffee Filters
                 Paint brush
                 Hot glue

1)Take the yarn and cut 6 long pieces (however long you want your garland to be)
2) Two by two, use the 3 strands to make a pretty braid. This will be what you hang your filters from.
3) Dilute some paint with some water.

4) Let your child paint on the filters any pattern they want. This is fun because the filters are very durable and allow the paint to spread a little and they dry super quick!!

The longer your garland is, the more you will need...BUT-keep in mind, you will have double of whatever you make because once they are dry...
5) Cut them in half

6) Iron them so that they can hang more flat. I kept some of the folds of the filter in tact.

7) Use hot glue to attach them to your braid to hang!