Lesson From a Bag of Clothes

Disclaimer: I write posts like this not to preach, but mostly as a way of talking myself into or out of a state of mind...;)lol
Im a simple girl.
I wear make up maybe once a week or so...
I pretty much never buy jewelry and am happy with the 5 pairs of shoes I own
I am happiest in shorts/skirts and tank tops...Target is my fav
I usually don't buy anything not on sale or without a coupon...
The highlights of my days are when my daughters take simultaneous naps and when I get to go pee without an audience
I think the best gifts are handmade, no matter what they are.
This blog is simple, as you can see. I don't have flashy buttons for you to click, and don't know the first thing about html codes or anything else.

Seriously, I live a simple life and don't have high demands for things.

However...I am spoiled. {Not a spoiled brat- I think theres a difference}
I find myself taking THINGS for granted, and recently a bag of old clothes taught me a lesson.
I put this bag of clothes together, thinking they are nothing...shirts and skirts I wouldn't wear anymore because they were old/outdated/didn't fit right,etc.

The were the kind the "What Not To Wear" crew would have a hay day with, practicing their basket ball moves with trash cans.

Perfectly fine clothes, just not fine for me anymore, I guess.

I posted them as a freebie on Freecycle for someone to come pick up, and was slapped with reality when I got a few responses.

Some of them included:

"I would love to have these for my daughter. Her sweet 16th birthday is June 13th."


"I would greatly appreciate these. I can really use some clothes to replace the pretty worn patched in some cases ones I have."

You know, these clothes I treated as not worthy of wear might become a girls 16th birthday present.
They may be beautiful to a person who wears patched clothes on a daily basis.
I began to ask myself why I had treated them with such disregard.
Clothes are not the only thing I take for granted...and sometimes I say thank you to God just because it has become naturally a thing I always say.
Am I really thankful, or do I just say it because it is an expected and safe thing to pray? How do I show my thanks? Words and actions and heart are all visible to God because He knows what is on the inside.

You don't really appreciate your backbone and muscles until you strain something and can barely move without pain.
You don't really appreciate your dishwasher until it breaks and you are forced to wash everything by hand (not to mention being thankful for running water)

You may not realize the cuteness of your kids at your feet all day until they don't do it anymore.

This post is being written and I'll be lucky if Facebook tells me more than 20 people were reached, but life is more than that...its more than colored denim, TOMS and Pinterest.
Share your gifts with others and be thankful for every minute and tshirt you have- whether it is a little old-school or not.