No Sew Fabric Clip DIY

It seems these days that if I want to have any time for making anything crafty, it has to wait until after the girls and my husband are in bed. Getting 5 minutes on the computer is like asking the world to stop turning almost.

I was experimenting into the wee hours of the morning with different crafty ideas I've had...I drank coffee at 6pm last night so I wouldn't turn into a sleepy zombie at 8:30pm like I do most nights.

I decided to make a few fabric clips for my daughter that are super easy..anyone can do them!
I wanted to use things I already had, and have them be quick-- with NO SEWING!

All you need is

a hot glue gun


 strip of scrap fabric

a barrette (I used a french clip barrette, but I am sure you can adapt to another kind if you want)

Get your strip of fabric...mine was about 2 inches x 12 inches.
Fold and iron flat a 1/4th inch on each side
Fold that strip in half and iron again.


Take your ironed and folded strip (spray with starch to help it hold shape) and simply tie a knot!
This is the way I tied my knot...I like the way this knot looks...

Once you have your knot made, cut your knot-bow portion off of the strip, leaving the several inch extra to the side for a moment.
Using the length of your barette, approximate the length you want your knot-bow to be. Fold in a little of each end and hold with a dot of hot glue.

Use the excess strip to line your barette.
Glue your knot-bow on top!

These are easy, and can be made with any fabric you have laying around!
Let me know if you like one, I may just pick some fans to get one for free ;) Know a little girl who doesn't get the luxury or clips and bows? Let me know..I'd love to mail a few out ;)

I will be adding these to my etsy shop when it opens in July ;)