Garland Curtains For Photography and Parties

Sewing circle garlands with your machine is as easy as it sounds...just take each circle, one at a time, and sew like you are sewing fabric. Keep the strand taught as it goes through, and sew to your desired length!

Below is a quick and simple way you can use one strand of long garland to make a garland curtain. For lack of a better name, I call them that ;)....
If you don't want to make your own garland, I sell them in my shop.

With practice, you might find your own way of doing these.

First, determine how long to make your garland.

If your are photographing something wide or tall, you will need a longer garland.
It is better to make a garland that is too long rather than too short.
Use a piece of string if you want to make a mock-curtain set up as a visual.

Account for length lost at each turn, depending on how wide or close you space your clips.
If you don't want to use clips, and just tape garland to a wall without an anchor line, of course you can do that too. The clips simply make it easy to adjust and take down your garland.

If you are making a curtain for a special event, and don't want any clips at all, simply bring your garland up and over the anchor line repeatedly...this takes more time, but using a clear fishing line would work well to hide the line the garland hangs on.


1) Hang your "anchor line"
For lack of a better name, this is simple a strand of string, ribbon, twine (whatever you have). Attach the 2 ends either to a wall or two objects on either side. Make the anchor line be as long as you will need your curtain to be wide.

For mine, I didn't want to travel anywhere, or have to buy anything, so I used twine I already had, some painters tape, and a wall in my house ;) Mine was only about 4 foot long and 3 feet from the ground. I knew Id be shooting my short 10 month old and up close.

2) Attach mini clothespins or tiny binder clips along your line for your garland to hang from.

3) Going back to my beautiful paint drawing, start at one end, and let the garland drip down to the desired length. Bring the strand back up and clip again to the next clip on your anchor line. Keep going until all of your garland is gone.

The nice thing about these curtains, is that they don't have to always be hung perfect. Depending on the photo you are trying to set up, perfection can be minimal, and the picture can still turn out great.

This is easy to unclip and clean up!
NOTE: If using these around children, be careful, and try to have a baby wrangler to help you because they will want to pull them down ;)

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