Life Is Short, Go Jump On a Bed

I can be so rediculous sometimes.

I can envy another person who has ________
I brag that I have ________
I judge someone based on _______
I can gossip about a person who did ________

Its actually super embarrassing that I can be that way.

The blessings I have are too many to count.
I look at the smiles of my children and hear the words from my husband, and yet I complain because I haven't had my "me time" in a few days.

I say I am embarrassed, but its really not anyone I am embarrassed in front of, its just that Im embarrassed at myself.
Actually, I guess it is that I am embarrassed before God. I clearly hear his voice.

Its sort of an eye opener to read blogs of women dying from cancer or losing babies.
Its a reality check to hear of the horror some people commit on others daily.

I know hardships teach us remarkable things, but some make you question WHY??

If only life could be easily worry-free with a good jump on a bed.

The fact is, we need to cherish what we have and prayerfully be thankful for the people around us.
Today I read this blog post and it just got to me. WOW

I had the pleasure of listening to children laughing and jumping on beds this weekend.
I wouldn't have had it any other way.
We spent 8 hrs driving to spend 1 day with some awesome family (my husband's brother and his wife and kids), and it was totally worth it.
Our kids happen to also be the same ages, and since we only see each other once or twice a year, it was a treat to meet in Palm Desert, CA for a day.

Our older kids (Noel and Malakai) are both 3 and they were instantly excited to have a partner in crime. Our time together was like life- short!

PS...When I was a freshman in high school, I attempted to jump on a hotel bed, and accidentally broke it. The staff wasn't too happy...oops :/