Handmade Is Treasure

Dear friends,

Its Labor Day, and something new this year for us is the fact that my husband is at work. With the Marine Corps, we knew there were holidays he'd be home, but with his new job, holidays are considered "floating". Will he work Christmas? Yep!...New Years too? You betcha!

We have to take the good with the bad, and we are so blessed to have a job that he enjoys and is good at. God provides.

We had hoped to move out of this rental house we have been living in for the past 2 1/2 years, and into a house with grass (not rocks)- and nearer to my husband's work. As we punch the numbers, it is a disappointing reality that we won't be able to afford a move, so it is in this house we stay. This is testing my contentedness, but growing my appreciation for the many things we do have. It is only 20 minutes to work for my husband, and it meets our needs. Besides the lack of grass, I can't really ask for more.

{Noel misses grass so much, that when we took her to a MLB game last month, she tried to run out on the field yelling "GRAAAASSS!!..Mommy can I go on the grass??"....yes, it was green, beautiful, and a rare sight to see around here.}

Im sure you've seen or heard a "When You Buy Handmade" quote, but this one touched me. When it comes to LifeCreated, this is completely the truth.

My shop is what keeps me at home. If you support LifeCreated, you are seriously helping to fill my car with gas and stay home with my daughters.

 I've added a bunch of things to the shop today, and would love if you shared my name with others you know.

I know first-hand that for every blog you decide to read, there are about 1000 more out there. When you support LifeCreated, you are supporting us. When you read LifeCreated, you are reading about a real life....created with purpose, just like yours.

Thank you!