This & That on a Friday

This past week has been and continues to be busy! Thanks to my daughters birthday being next week and we actually have family coming to visit.

Thanks to etsy who make treasuries available to crafters who happen to like my peach pinwheels.

Thanks to mommies making dollhouses for their daughters for Christmas.

I happily stay up late making confetti for my daughter's party next week. I wish this Friday I had some organized and perfectly pretty post for you.

I made a cake plate for $3 with things from ikea...a plate and 2 glass candle holders...

candle holders were just 50 cents each.

Glue the two small ends together

adhere to plate

last night I stayed up late making some of my own letterhead and business cards...

I don't mean for this post to be all about, me, me. I don't really have much to give except to say something Ive said before.
Spend time doing the things you love.
What you love is what you give your time to.
Where does your light shine?
A light held high shines bright, so be like that lighthouse, or city on a hill.
Have you ever visited a city on a hill?
Its amazing that cities on mountains have been built...just think of the pain and labor that was spent to build that city. Getting materials up and then the process of building takes so much time.
The things that bring satisfaction and joy are often things that require much dedication, perseverance and work.
Thanks for checking out the blog today. Next week I hope to be giving away a handmade dollhouse chair to one lucky reader.