Apple Sandwiches

How about using those apples in place of bread from time to time, to make having sandwiches AND fruit more fun?!

I loved this idea I got from the blog I love (and you've probably already read about), 100 days of Real Food. She inspires families to eat REAL food, instead of things that are processed and then full of food dyes and other preservatives.

Her apple sandwiches looked so yummy, I just HAD to make them for my daughter.
Apples are never turned down around here, so I had a feeling they would be "a hit", and they were!

Here is her post about her apple sandwiches, and here are the pictures of me making mine! Her post is great, so you should check it out.

Since her kids go to the nut-free school she gives alternative school lunch ideas, such as sunflower butter (sunflower seeds)....sounds yummy!

I don't have a "corer", so I just used the bottom of a funnel.

Take your slices, and add your peanut butter (or whatever), raisins, etc.

Sandwich them together for apple sandwiches!

100 Days of Real Food also mentions to: "Squirt with lemon juice to help keep apple from turning brown. You can also mix lemon with a little water so it doesn’t taste so “lemony” or like “cleaner” as my daughter once told me."

When Noel woke up from her nap, I gave the apple sandwiches to her, and she asked for more! ;)