Trash to Treasure: Chair Makeover

Good Monday morning!
I hope your weekend was fun and enjoyable. I loved getting the chance to makeover this chair that I found in the trash a little over a week ago.

A neighbor has a big lot of land, and quite a bit of stuff. You know, if you've seen hoarders, the kind of person with old cars and machines that don't work. Piles of wood, metal.....just stuff. The city has ordered that he get rid of it. {yay!}

One day, I was passing by the house, and I saw their usual trash pile that they put out every few weeks. I saw this chair.
Keep in mind, I don't dig through simply grab things that can be used and easily accessible if left in my alley, or on the side of the road. About once a month, I find something good.

This was good!

I wanted it soooo bad, but didn't know what my husband would say. He's not too keen on me finding more projects to do. After I got his approval, I drove to the house again. Its always awkward for me to just take stuff, so I saw the owner and asked if I could take it. He was more that happy to get rid of it, and even put it in my car for me.

He had had the chair since the 60' was solid oak...just a piece missing from a leg,
but otherwise, a great chair.

I got it home, and over the week I lightly sanded it.


I got a stain I liked and used a nap time to stain it. I am very impatient, so I got the kind that has the stain and sealer all in one! It worked beyond great!

One night I stayed up till 2am making these pillows for it...
The beige cushion on the bottom was in the clearance bin at Pier 1....

I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I was going to sell it after I fixed it up, but the pillows are custom for the chair, and they took a lot of work. I think I'll keep it ;). kids love it already... 

What treasures have you found from the trash?