A Fun Lunch For Kids

While walking through the grocery store, I couldn't help but browse the Christmas clearance isle. "Sale" and "clearance" are very eye-catching words for me. ;)
I found a few goodies, including these red and green silicone cupcake cups for just 50 cents a 4 pack!

I snatched about a dozen boxes of them, knowing I wanted to write this post, use them for my kids' lunches, and also give some away to friends.

I had seen 100 Days of Real Food use them in her kids' lunches, so I was on the lookout for some for a while.

I brought my cups home, and started brainstorming what treats I could give my daughters...and the ideas started flowing.

One day, I made a tapas style lunch for them, and I could barely take a picture of the cups without them devouring the plate.

What to put in them? 
We had baby carrots, hard boiled organic/cage free eggs, organic popcorn with olive oil (Trader Joes), strawberries, frozen wild organic blueberries, mandarin oranges, grapes, cheese cubes and black olives.

Cups like these can be found online and also in the baking/kitchen sections of many stores.

Try whatever foods you want...here are some more ideas:

-Other veggies: peas, corn etc.
-Other fruits: berries, kiwi, mango etc.

Feel free to comment with ways to make lunch fun!