Good News and Promises

On the rare occasion that I decide to get a little personal on" the blog", I never know the balance I should take when I am writing a post. Sometimes I write a whole post and then take some out. Sometimes I add more. Do people read my blog for photos, for the DIY projects, for my attempt at inspiration/ faith topics?? I just don't know, so all I decide to ever do is be myself...which as you can see = wordy!

 I don't want to be fake or change just because I am concerned about my number of "followers", because in life I should be caring more about those who chose to follow Christ, and not those who choose to follow my blog.  The catch continues to be, though, that my blog (and eventually business) is aimed at the handmade/photography world.....hmmm...the back and forth.

Well, if you've been with me a year now, you may remember the days we were making the decision to leave the Marine Corps.

We did not know what we were going to do for a job, we didn't know if we should move...etc. Our house we owned in another state was in the short-sale process for a year...basically, we were tied down in many ways waiting for God to open a door. We knew He would have a plan, because He urged us to leave the Marine Corps we had known for 9 years. His promises never fail.

In June, a job nearby and with amazing hours was offered to my husband.

In October our house finally sold, and in November we found out about this little cutie...

This was his/her first picture back at the 8 week mark, so I am excited to be at 14 weeks now..due in July.

If you have ever been pregnant, or want to be pregnant, you know the delicateness of this miracle. I have to admit, that with my first daughter, I was oblivious to any of the "what ifs". My pregnancy was a dream (minus my husband getting deployed when I was 5 months along) and everything was pretty "textbook".

With my second daughter, I was a couple of years older, had friends who had unfortunate experiences, and just knew in my mind that each pregnancy is really a bunch of "what ifs" that I have to leave up to God.

This 3rd baby will be our last.
 From the beginning (this 8 week marker) I had many "what ifs" in my head. One of them actually happened.

What if it was twins?

This 8 week appointment did reveal another the left of this cant see in the picture. I wasn't even going to mention it to you when I finally announced our good news, but maybe my story can comfort someone out there in the blog world.

He/she was small and motionless. The doctor said it was already reabsorbing into my body, so there was no reason to worry or take further action. It had happened around week 5 according to her. I had no idea our bodies could do this!

I didn't know whether to be relieved or sad. 4 kids was not in my plan.
{But I guess I should have been thinking about His plan}

I didn't know that another baby was there, and had no indication this had happened, so was I supposed to be sad?

At a follow up appointment a few weeks later, the second baby was completely gone. The doctor replied as she scanned over my belly "it has been fully absorbed, and is now a part of you." Those words stuck in my mind and I thought "Yes...a part of me."

No matter what stage of family building you are in, what line of work you do, what your family situation is, please know that (like I mentioned in this post), each experience is a part of you. You are daily being shaped and made to make choices and use your life for impact on others. Your life has a plan full of promises.

I've said before that blogging is like a letter to an imaginary friend in the computer. Who know who reads, or who is impacted. Your life can impact someone else.

Go out today, practice your craft and find out how you can positively impact another person with it. Share good news, and have a great Monday!