A Girls Dad...We're Moving

Life has a way of being so busy sometimes, and so "blah" other times. 
I can currently say we are in a busy stage, as last week, on Valentine's day, we left our doctor appointment with the knowledge our last little cutie is going to be our third beauty! 3 girls.wow.

I don't know if any of you dealt with only having daughters, and then having a husband face the reality that he'd not have a son. 
To be honest, at our 13 week ultrasound, they told us it was a girl, but we didn't get attached to the idea or make any announcements because it was so early on in the process. Levi seemed to take it harder than I thought he would, but our joy over having a daughter is still so great. 

I have to keep my extreme excitement under wraps because it is sort of (at this stage) a raw topic to be reminded of. However, I knew from the moment we had our first daughter, my husband was a "girls dad". Not sure if that makes sense, but he was just wired so perfectly for that.

I am sure to remind him that maybe God wants him to minister to other people's sons one day, and having a biological son doesn't mean his legacy ends. Sure, the "Studer" name won't continue from us, but a person's last name is NOT the legacy we need to be concerned about when we leave this earth.

After that appointment I promptly got a phone call from our landlords saying we have to be out of the house we have been in for almost the past 3 years.....and we have 6 weeks to do it. The owner supposedly has "new plans for the house". 
Talk about a tumultuous day, but we can't be more thankful for God taking the moving decision out of our hands. For the past 6 months+ we have wanted to move, but hesitated thinking we were just being discontent and hurried. Looks like God has different plans.
What does this mean for the blog?
It means you may not hear from me much over the next month. 
Ad spaces will not be sold for March, and those who paid for February will just stay there at no charge:)
My website and business launch is paused while I figure out my new address and other things.

Thank you for your support, comments, and emails. 
Not having many friends in person is sometimes hard, but the creative blogger world makes up for it some of the time.