Using Facebook for Memory Keeping

I got Facebook in 2004. 
Back then, it was a network for college students, and I got on maybe once a week to post a picture or two and say hi to one of the 30 friends I had.
Jump to 2013, where now I have graduated, been married nearly 6 years and have 2 1/2 kids.
Let me just say, I get on Facebook in the morning. I get on at nap time and after the kids are in bed at night.
I post baby stats from the doctors appointments and funny quotes my daughter says.
I post pictures when we take a trip.... you get the idea.
Facebook was my outlet to share pictures of my growing family to friends and other family we were not near while the Marine Corps had control of our lives.
As I go to fill out their baby books and project life cards, its so nice to have that running history stored on Facebook.
To find your recorded statuses, likes, photos, friends, important dates, etc, follow these steps:
Go to your FB profile and notice this handy little button called Activity Log.

On the left side, you will see a list like this that lets you narrow down what data comes up.
I like to keep that at "all"...or if I just want to see what I wrote, that is helpful too.
On the right side, you can specify the date you want to jump to, first by year and then by the month in that year. For example, I chose 2009.
As soon as I chose December 2009, I could see everything I posted on each day of December in 2009
I hope knowing this helps you be able to go find memories to record and remember.
Let me know if it helped you, and thanks for coming by.