Go Local


             I have lived enough places to know that each place has something to offer. It has perks the "locals" only know about, and after living in a place for 3 years, I am still finding places like that in Arizona.
            You may not think "farmers" when you think of Arizona, but I have met some of the nicest farmers and bought beautiful produce from their farms.
 Cake makers, photographers, etc...the people make up my "local market".
                           What is in your local market that you love?

I challenge you the next time you need some baked goods, a new picture frame, some family portraits done, or fresh farm eggs, look no further than local.

Many people in your community are working to do what you want to do also: make your community thrive and prosper. 

Supporting these local small-businesses is the best thing you can do for them and for you. I have been lucky to meet some great people who know other great people. It's like a never ending chain...all made up of people that want to help each other.

Shop local thrift and vintage shops. 
When you go on ETSY, select the "shop local" option.

If you are a blogger, go to local conferences.
You'll be amazed at the things you find.

All of these photos used things I found locally.