Mint Monogrammed Letter DIY

With all of the busy stuff we have going on, getting ready to move, I was able to whip out a quick craft that I want to share.

If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you know I love all things teal, yellow....and most recently mint.

I've been wanting to make a letter "S" for a while, so yesterday I sat down and made this. You can make one too, and all you need is about an hour of time and:

paint (I used acrylic)
paint brush (I used a foam brush)
Paper mache letter
Clear craft glue

Gather your supplies, and paint your letter all over with one even layer of paint. 

Let dry, and if you feel like you need another coat, then you can paint that layer as well.

Use your clear craft glue to apply a thin layer in just the places you will put your rhinestones.
Let dry.

It is really that easy, and for about $10, you have a letter that looks like something from a magazine.