Goodbye Home, Hello Home

This week we said goodbye to the home we've been renting for 3 years. 
Even though I have moved many times in my life, this time was a positive, yet sentimental change.

That house was where my daughters took their first steps...slept in big girl beds for the first many things.
Hope's first days at home

But, I have to say that this whole experience was pre-planned and orchestrated by God- even our realtor was astounded.

Between family visiting, house searching, putting in an offer, and going through the paper work process that involved the faxes of over 200 pages, notaries, letters, pay stubs...etc, we are now home owners.

Some of God's miracles that happened to us are:

-despite a recent short sale, we were approved for a loan
-my mom was able to visit from Texas for a few days, and watch our girls while we house-hunted
-our interest rate is pretty amazing, even our loan officer was drooling
-we found the house we love in 2 days, and despite there being another offer on it, the sellers chose ours..first offers just don't happen here 
-the sellers agreed to fix everything on the list after the inspection was done
- the house appraised for more than we bought it for
-the bank decided to give us an unexpected credit at the end, enabling us to get some needed painting done

every obstacle we thought we would have, was overcome

Seriously, the moving experience has been a lot of work, but we are glad and thankful to the family and friends that made it happen. God's plan never fails:)

Do you ever feel like life is TOO good? I've been thinking of all of the families and things going on in the news this week, and thinking how crazy it is that some people can be having so many joys and others having so many pains.

I guess all I can say is thank you for God's grace, and let's not forget to share our good with others at all times.