Mama Loves Her Girl

I figured today I would share a baby bump photo, since I haven't really shared one with you yet. 26 weeks today, and I'm happy to announce our baby, Sadie Ruth, is doing wonderfully.

This week has been another interesting week of thoughts and comments about having and raising particular, daughters.

Light Inspired has been having a theme of the week called "Mama Loves Her Girl." Photographers all over the world have been submitting photos of mothers loving on their daughters. It has been beautiful to see.

It's a funny thing telling people (who ask) that we are having 3 girls. 
The look on their faces tells you right away if they have any kids at all, and whether or not they have had experience with girls.

One of my best friends from college, who is still single, called last week and calculated that in 5 years when this baby goes to kindergarten, I will "have my life back." It was a totally innocent comment, but I was instantly struck with the thought that I don't need my life "back", but that they are my life.

A lady at the doctor's office said daughters think their "moms walk on water until about the age of 9." 

The cashier at Lowes estimated I will be their "best friend until they turn 12."

Don't even ask all of the girl comments I hear from my grandma.

Considering my oldest is just turning 4, I know I may not have this "mothering girls" thing down to a "T" yet, but let me tell you, it took me a split second to know that I love them and love being their mom regardless of the stresses they may potentially bring.

In fact, if anything, being a girl myself makes me more aware of things that happen in their lives as they grow up. 

Why do we have to discount the value of our girls before they are even born?

I count them as blessings and enjoy spending my day with them and for them.

If they are "good" until 9 or 12 or whatever, I pray they know the Lord and do what He has called for their life. 

All I can say is a mother's love is like none I can explain in a blog post.
What a blessing it is to have beauties.