Styling With Color

Color variation can determine the price of your next car, whether you appear happy or sad to a stranger, and whether or not a customer feels inclined to buy or eat a product.

Blue has the tendency to depress hunger.
Yellow is said to be the happiest color.

Colors hold different symbolism in different cultures around the world.

The colors of your logo or website may keep or run away customers.

Bottom line: color is very important.

If you are styling for a photo or event, or even painting a wall in your house, remember these 2 tips!

1. Consider Nature
There really is no substitute for things that grow in nature. The pollination of many plants is dependent on the color of the flowers they produce. Animals also rely on coloring for the furthering of their species and life in the wild. Albino animals have learned this the hard way. is one of my favorite sites that shows color pallets for many situations in nature. 
Consider the colors you find in a the beach...natural color palettes win every time.


2. Know Colors

There are 3 PRIMARY colors. Red, Yellow and Blue
All colors come from these 3 colors in some variation. On a color wheel, these 3 colors can be combined to form secondary and tertiary colors that can be put together in various ways to make appealing combinations.
You should read this post I love if you want to learn more about color wheels and how they can help you.

In food photography, knowing the wheel will not only help you style your food on a plate, but also help you choose the plate that will suit that food best...not to mention, the background, cups, napkin, utensils, etc. too!
Don't let mismatched props spoil the setting for a photo!

For example,
Blues and oranges are opposite on the color wheel, so for this picture, the blue bowl and the oranges work pretty well together!

To learn more interesting facts about color, check out this site

I hope you keep these 2 tips in mind when setting the scene for a photo or designing a room in your house.
Some people just have "an eye" for color, and others may just need a little help in that area.