Unique To You

Something I heard this weekend really struck me and positively affected the way I see every day. 
Have you ever thought about the times you trade the things that are unique to you for things that someone else can do?

If you ever cook in the kitchen, you know a whisk does different tasks that a ladle can't do. 

What projects do you take on? 
Who do you spend the most time with and what endeavors do you have that you should maybe reevaluate?

Do you give yourself breathing room in your relationships and business partnerships, making time for the ones that really do matter?

In the food photography world, I don't have many friends. To be honest, I only have a few in the real world-period. Most people don't get the beauty I see in taking photos of bread, eggs or old utensils. 

What can I say, two people can see two different things when they look at the same picture. 

Your style, your purpose, your life is unique to you. Some people may question where you are going with it and your level of "success" may not match theirs.
Don't alter your photographic style to fit in.

What is unique to you? Don't change those things for qualities that make up someone else.
I have been urged by some close to me to try taking photos of people professionally until my "food stuff takes off.". 
Bottom line....no, thanks.