Caprese Salad

Last night when dinner time came around, I turned on some Dean Martin and Louis Prima and let the creative juices flow while I cooked. First on the menu was this super easy Caprese Salad, so I wanted to share a few photos of it with you.

Basil and garlic are two of my go-to's whenever possible...not to mention, who doesn't like fresh mozzeralla. I have to admit, soft cheese is not really my thing, unless its fresh mozzerella.
How do you pronounce it? :)
My Italian grandma has her own version of pronouncing many foods...I've heard many variations.

Caprese Salad (with bread)
(if you order Caprese Salad in a restaurant, bread may not come with it)

Fresh Mozzarella 
Bread (I love sourdough)
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Fresh Basil
Salt/Pepper to taste
Fresh garlic (cloves or minced)

1) Slice your bread and drizzle slices with a little olive oil...toast until light brown
2) Rub the bread with garlic cloves or sprinkle with minced garlic
3) Wash your fresh basil leaves and place one leaf on each bread
4) Slice mozzarella into slices and place one on each leaf
5) Slice your tomatoes and place one slice on top of the mozzarella slice.

You may drizzle yours with olive oil and balsamic vinegar if you wish...and more basil never hurt anyone!

Want to cut strips of basil quickly?
Take some freshly washed basil leaves, stack them with the largest leaf on the bottom and smallest leaf on top. At the stem end of the stack, roll all of the leaves together, and carefully slice the "jellyroll" of leaves. This will create a bunch of strips with just a few chops.