The Listening Photographer

I haven't blogged in a while! Photography seems to be the most simple topic lately, as a new baby has left me little time for crafting. The start of this blog wasn't really based on my love for photography at all, but more about family, crafting and life...our dollhouse...stuff like that.

What about life? Well, life being created with are on purpose. God's purpose..Your art is exactly that...purposeful.

The thing I love about photography is that by looking at a photo, we can listen with our eyes to this art...this is especially true with food photography.
We attempt to speak to people with our photo, hoping they will listen and become hungry:)

 Besides just listening with our eyes when we see a photo, we listen with our hearts.
As a mom, this photo of my daughter communicates things to me that you wouldn't realize.

As I've been growing and diving into this camera-filled world, I am SHOCKED at a few things I never knew. 

-Styling food is more tricky than you think.

-Never would I have thought of photographers who criticize each other, nitpicking the details of other people's art. (Im not talking about constructive criticism)

 -Never would I have thought photographers hoard props, information about locations, or details about posing.

 -I never knew the stress of getting everything in place as the sun was setting or, as in the case with ice cream, melting!

-I had no idea photographers took pictures of the sky for actions to change photos in so many ways!

No matter what kind of photographer you are, I urge you to no presume and assume something about other people's art.Whatever type of photography-related education you have, try to listen and find your art, inspiring others along the way.

On Sunday my pastor said this regarding relationships, and I thought it was simply smart:
"The wiser you are, the better listener you will be."