3 Months With 3 Kids

I can't believe our cutie Allison just turned 3 months old...its already been three months with me having three kids.

Sometimes people say, once you have 2, adding one more doesn't make much of a difference. Yeah, right! 

After a newborn comes, a 2 year-old's diapers seem almost unbearable, so potty-training Hope ASAP is now on my list.

 I continue to amaze myself with everything I can do one handed, but there are just some things I can't master: using the can opener and saran wrap. Try those one handed sometime.

I have become a believer of birth order affecting personality...poor baby Allison has had to endure so much with 2 big sisters around. The short story is: she is a trooper. 

Allison already has 2 teeth coming in, is trying to roll over, and loves to eat. The eating part is definitely a trait all of my girls have, as I am hardly able to keep groceries in the house for more than a few days.

Over these past 3 months, I have been trying to squeeze in some photography time as much as I can.

 Now that LifeCreated is officially my business, I am excited to keep crafting and photographing new things and working with locals who are in need of photography.

Soon I will be photographing the holiday spread for a local bakery, publishing a food photography focal point for Light Inspired, and in January will teach my first food photography workshop. I can't wait for that chance. 

If you would like to attend, let me know
We will be collaborating with other foodie businesses and having lots of fun.

The shop opening is not high up on my list anymore, as my husband's college course work has picked up, and Allison's teething is hellish. I keep saying tomorrow it will open, and tomorrow just doesn't seem to come. Husbands and babies before ETSY:)

Thanks for the support from those who follow on Facebook and Twitter...I read and appreciate every comment. For the locals who consider me to capture any life moments in a picture, thank you for your confidence. 
Thank you to friendly photographers who share ideas and advice. 

My end goal is to work with someone wanting to publish a cookbook or heck, maybe one day publish my own. 
The right now goal is to soak up the baby time I have while I have it.