No-Sew Fabric Farfalle Bows

Have a special baby girl in your life? Find some scrap fabric, and the possibilities are endless!
 I think they look like Farfalle pasta (bowtie pasta), and they are so easy to make.

How to Make Fabric Farfalle Bows

farfalle bows
 The great thing about these bows, is that they are easily made with just a few items. Plus they don't have a bunch of extra "stuff" that can become heavy and/or a choking hazard for babies. The lightweight fabric doesn't weigh heavy on their heads, and fabric can be found in so many colors and varieties all year.
  easy fabric bows

How to Make No Sew Bows

To make these little fabric bows... PicMonkey Collage
 Cut your fabric pieces whatever size you would like, but I recommend somewhere around 2x3 inches. {Scrap fabric is perfect for this craft!!} The wider your rectangle, the bigger your bow, and the longer your rectangle, the more full your bow will be. Begin folding your bow by taking the top and folding it down. Slowly pinch the rest of the rectangle up until your are pinching all fabric in the middle.
  how to make fabric bows
Tie with a piece of floss. Floss is great because it is very strong and is cheap. Since it is so thin, it makes a great farfalle bow. Thin ribbon may be substituted if you want. Adjust your fabric bow and secure the elastic ends on the back with a dab of hot glue. After cooling, apply another small dab of hot glue and a pencil eraser-sized circle of felt. Hold until cool. fabric bow no sew bows
I hope you enjoy making some fabric farfalle bows for a little one you know!
 Who would you make these cute no sew bows for?
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