LifeCreated: New Website & A Giveaway

Towards the end of 2013 I made goals for LifeCreated in 2014.  Mentally, there are many, but realistically I wanted to adhere to 1) Hold LifeCreated's first food photography workshop

2) Specialize in food/product photography and styling while still offering printing for small events on the side

How have I been doing with those two goals?  GREAT!

At the end of March, I held the workshop and it was so fun. Arizona bloggers came from all over, some even missing important family events to attend. What an honor it was to teach these ladies how fun food styling/photography can be. I was blown away by their feedback and ended up scheduling one more workshop because it went so well.


As for the specializing part, I have also done that. The projects that have resulted are too many to list in this post, so they will be coming throughout the coming weeks.

One result has been the growth of the Facebook page to 1800 followers, so I wanted to give away a few goodies to followers as a thank you.

Thank you for visiting my new website/blog and for caring about LifeCreated.

The winner will get a teal strawberry basket with one of my old wooden prop spatulas from my stash, twine, stamps, stickers and a few more crafty things.

Just comment below and a name will be drawn on Monday, April 21st at 9am AZ time :)

lifecreated giveaway