Life's Props

Photography can quickly become overwhelming and not so fun when you begin to overload yourself with things. By "things", I mean all of the paraphernalia that come with get the idea. Having only been practicing photography for 4 years, I know I still have so much to learn, but I think the key things I have learned boil down to

1) Enjoy what you photograph

2) Don't get bogged down with "things"

Take, for instance, this mother's day. The photographer in me wanted to plan a shoot with dresses and hairbows for my 3 girls. But the wiser "mom" in me just said, lets go to the park, snap a few shots in our daily clothes and be done with it.

I accepted sometimes the best props, are no props...or realizing life's everyday props are just as great.

I will remember the way my 9 mos old relented and ended up loving laying in the grass...

9 mos old

How my 2 1/2 year old held her blankie and sippy cup

life's props

and how my 5 year old is looking too grown up sometimes. ย These days go so fast...

lifes props