Princesses Don't Wear Glasses

Glasses have always been a part of my life, so I thought transitioning my 5 year old into the lifestyle of wearing glasses wouldn't be too difficult. Besides attempting contacts for a few college years, I have worn glasses every day since I was about 3 years old. I remember the thick pink pair...and the many pairs that followed them. I've come to expect the shock of the optometrist who realizes how bad my prescription is and begins to explain astigmatism to me for the 100th time...yes, I know the drill well.

Having daughters really does have a way of taking experiences I have had in life, and making me see them in a whole new light. Since my oldest is only 5, there hasn't been too many life-altering scenarios yet, but this glasses thing really is one of those times.

It'd been some time that I noticed Noel's sight not being what it should be. I made the appointment and with one glance at my prescription and an evaluation of her eyes, it was concluded that Noel has my eyesight. In fact, her eyes were somewhat underdeveloped due to her inability to focus/see correctly and she will need glasses for the rest of her life. The underdevelopment will correct itself within 6 months.

I wasn't surprised and Noel was thrilled. She's seen me without my glasses just a handful of times, so I thought that would make her acceptance of glasses so much easier.

She was excited to pick out a pair to wear and I was insistent that she get a cute, small framed pair......she tried on a bunch of styles and colors...



In the end, I let her pick the ones SHE wanted. This was hard for me (control freak/perfectionist) but I quickly realized that if she wasn't comfortable and happy, this "wearing glasses" thing was not going to work.

We ordered them...a week later picked them up and that is when this experience turned brutal.

The fun of wearing glasses lasted a few hours.Β 

Having the experience of getting new glasses, and knowing Noel and how she deals with change, I quickly read the signs on her face. Her little eyes were adjusting, her head hurting and realizing her reflection from now on was going to be different. A day into wearing glasses, she began mega-tantrums-one being in the middle of an IHOP. Oh how wonderful that experience was! {SARCASM}

I often find that tantrums are quickly subdued with conversation. Sometimes kids just don't feel heard, or can't clearly put into words what they are feeling and think yelling or being physical is an outlet for them. Noel tends to be this way, so after days of conversations and me reminding her that her eyes can't "get better" without the glasses, she began to be more at ease.

At one point she wanted to play dress up and put on one of her dresses. She quickly wanted to take it off and began shouting "ugghh..I can't wear this...princesses don't wear glasses!"

She clearly meant the Disney princesses, and I began racking my brain with names of the princesses trying to think of one that did. Well, I quickly rebuttled "and that's ok, YOU'RE MY PRINCESS."


That didn't work.


I explained how sometimes people need tools around them to help them in life. It could be a wheelchair, leg brace..or even glasses. I explained what blessings are and how some people don't have the chance to visit eye doctors and see with glasses. I have yet to come up with something as equally important as a princess wearing glasses, and I have yet to see her play dress up again. BUT- we will get there.

Whether it be something like wearing glasses, perfecting a sport or growing a skill like playing an instrument, our kids are going to need our affirmation as they grow and evaluate themselves in comparison to others. I hope my daughters know that the skills they posses and the attributes they carry are all on purpose and for a purpose.

We are now about 2 weeks into this adventure of glasses! Noel puts them on without needing to be asked and she wears them all day. With prayers, I am glad to see this improvement and I feel its something we can both experience together. I think she's starting to see the benefit of wearing them.

She helped me with a card for her memory book...I love her.


Have you had a tough transition with a child wearing glasses?