25 Helpful Memory Journaling Starters- Documenting the Lives of Our Kids

Do you enjoy recording memories for your kids? Maybe you like scrapbooking, Project Life or smash books....all of these (and more) are awesome ways to record those important times and memories in our lives. OR

Maybe you think its all a waste of time. Not high on the priority list?


journaling starters

Looking back through the files of your phone or Facebook, trying to recollect details is not easy.

You may not even notice the cute things the kids said that have slipped your mind...I urge you...write these things down.

  • It could be as easy as keeping a few small note cards in your wallet, and pulling them out when you feel like it. Write a note, the date, and stick it in a jar somewhere. At the end of the month, put the cards in a pocket page of a simple binder!


  • If you aren't into "photo-booking", START SMALL. Don't fill bins with extras that will overwhelm you...stick to the basics of a picture on a page. Let that picture tell you a story and write it down.


  • Journaling is a priceless addition to your memory books, whether you do digital scrapbooks, or physical paper scrapbooks. Don't be negative about your handwriting because YOUR handwriting is valued. Don't be negative about poor quality images because the images of your family have value. Don't let them sit on your hard drive.


I am "big" into the everyday kind of things. So... snapping pictures (especially with my phone or Instagram) is so great. Aps like Oh Life help people who want to document life to themselves in an email.

There is something for everyone.


The daunting question may be: "What to write?"

I wanted to share a short list of some things I think about when I need inspiration to write love notes to my kids in their memory books. I have more, so there may be a part two to this post...one day.

If you like this list, please share this post. I would also love to hear your comments if you have any.


1. "Today you did _________ for the first time"

2. "Right now, your favorite bed time songs/stories are: ___________"

3. "When you said _______, I thought ______"

4. "I love you more than __________"

5. "I loved the way you __________"

6. "Right now in school you are learning ___________"

7. "Some new talents you are growing in are _______"

8. "When I look at you, I see _________"

9. "I miss you when __________"

10. "Every day you love to eat ___________"

11. "When you play outside, your favorite things to do are __________"

12. "When you are with me, we like to __________"

13. "I am so proud you ______"

14. "Some cute words you say in funny ways are ______ "

15. "Your favorite cartoon/movie is _______"

16. "When I see you smile, I think _______"

17. "I appreciate it when you _______"

18. "Im praying for you about _______"

19. "You are special because ___________"

20. "I loved it when _______"

21. "This picture reminds me of when ____"

22. "The first thing you do in the morning is ______"

23. "You love to sing about _______"

24. "You love to talk about _________"

25. " You always ______"


Please enjoy writing to and about your kids...it doesn't have to be scary.