PomPom Monogram Cake Topper, First Birthday

My littlest cutie, Allison, turned 1 yesterday. Somewhere out there are a few of you who have followed me through my pregnancy with her. The year flew by! After realizing the heat of July is extreme, we opted for a low-key family only party with just the 5 of us. Living here in AZ is hard- with no family and not many friends. In the midst of jobs, kids' schedules, the heat..... adult relationships sure are hard to grow.

This low-key party of ours called for my first attempt at small smash cake for Allison, and it looks like she really liked eating it. For the topper, it took just some simple pom-poms, a wooden letter "A" and some hot glue.

As moms, I know the first birthday can be daunting. Being uptight, I usually would have every detail planned, but those plans never really went as planned anyway. I guess the third kid is when parents just get wiser...simple turned out to be a lot better.

The great thing about this topper is you can make one in almost any color, and pom poms are easy to find.

monogram topper