Food Photography and Styling With Moon Pies

The minute I saw the moon pies in the bakery, I knew I wanted them. I bought 5 and ran home to get them in the fridge before the 100 degree weather ruined them. How adorable and pretty they are, especially paired with these cute milk jugs and straws from Two Berry Creative.

moon pies

This weekend I got to speak at a blogger event, helping bloggers with their styling questions. I feel like a lot of photography styling happens by doing/feeling. If you don't know how you are going to style a shot, get your inspiration or focal point and work around that. Work with props you have, or make something custom to fit the this printable I made in 2 minutes.

moon pies

If you are in Arizona, stop by Fluff It Marshmallow cafe and grab one...the kids will love them too.

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Have an interest in food photography and/or styling for your small business. Feel free to fill out the contact page on the website and I will respond within 24 hours. Thank you!