Getting Published; Lemonade & Lenses September 2014 Inspiration Issue

"Everyone’s life is like a story with a different main character and events that shape that character over time. The plot changes, and other characters come and go in all of our stories. Your story, interests and perspective are unique and can inspire others too. What I love about finding inspiration in still-life photography, is that there is always inspiration to be found and it can be different for every person. " I really believe this about stories, and photography is a beautiful way to tell a story.

LifeCreated Published In Lemonade & Lenses

I have to admit that sometimes I question myself and how my mental process "goes down". I find myself asking:

"Why can't I take pictures like _____"

"If only I had ____ lens" or "_____ camera"

Sometimes taking a leap can turn out to be something the time a few months ago, I submitted an idea for the Lemonade & Lenses Inspiration Photography September 2014 issue.

I filled out the online form, attached a few pictures and hit "submit". I didn't think of it again until I got the acceptance email and I pretty much jumped out of my chair with excitement. This would be the first time my images and my name would be actually printed...and the first professional photography magazine I would ever buy. They asked me for quite a few images, and I waited weeks to find out which ones they chose...and wondered the whole time if my article made sense.

LifeCreated Published In Lemonade & Lenses


September came and I snatched up an issue arrived and I loved it the moment I got it. Such quality...the paper and the printing. It's so pretty and full of beautiful articles and photos of other inspirational art...did I say I love it?

LifeCreated Published In Lemonade & Lenses


Thank you to Lemonade & Lenses for having faith in my pictures and blowing my 2014 goals out of the water. This was not on my 2014 goal list, but is definitely something I am excited happened.