Photographing Cold Food

If you are just starting food photography, you might not know yet that photographing raw/under-cooked and cold food is better than photographing fully-cooked, hot food. It's hard to remember that temperature doesn't communicate in a photo unless there are visual signs such as steam or frost, etc. So, when you have the chance take a picture of your food cold! Would you know this cake was frozen for this picture? This whipped cream was hard and frozen in place.

Having the cake be frozen also makes the slices come out cleaner without having the layers mashed down or falling apart.

food photography

Foods like lasagna and soups look more appealing when they are not piping hot...try it!

This is good news for those of you who can't take pictures in the evenings when you have a family waiting to eat, or when it is too dark outside. Leftovers can work too!


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