Goals for LifeCreated In 2015

I wanted to set some goals and a vision for 2015! There will be a few changes to LifeCreated, and some fun projects I hope to accomplish this year, and I am sure there are some that I can't even anticipate will happen too! I love that! Knowing that our plans are not set in stone, God can take them (and take you) down a road you didn't know existed, and open your mind to new ways of thinking. The experiences we go through, and the people we meet give us perspective. So, for 2015, I hope to gain more of that- perspective! I love experimenting with perspective when I take photos...and the same is true with life. Food Photography by LifeCreated


As a mom, I know I have grown a lot in 2014. Just completing my first year as an official business was a fun milestone to reach, and I appreciate all of you who continue to grow with me over these couple of years blogging. I got to work with some amazing bloggers and help style their shoots. Magazines asked to publish my images. WHAT?!  I finally got Instagram! YAY!

I supported small businesses, and discovered new ones I never knew existed. I hope to keep doing more of that in 2015.


Some other things happening in 2015 are:

- Updated website and switch to an LLC.... coming end of JANUARY! You can look forward to some new pictures and more detailed information!


- I would LOVE to work with some local florists....I have a few on a list.


- There are 3 workshop dates announced for the Spring, but after those 3 are complete, I will only be having one more in the Fall (November 14, 2015).


-EBOOK! I have had a lot of people ask about an online workshop or class, and I really feel writing a story to you will be the best way to illustrate my passion for food and still life photography. The book will be not be big, but will talk you through how I find vision and a voice when I "capture the details" of food and things. I still have a lot to plan out when it comes to this project, so I am setting a goal of "releasing" it in August! How much would you want to pay for an e-book like this?


-Stationary! I will be expanding my shop to include small greeting cards. Any of my images can be available on a card, and if you would like to order sets of 12, those will also be available. They will come with the new website!


- Personal growth in taking indoor black and white images...I want to get better at this, even though it doesn't directly tie into food photography, I feel like B&W images show so much feeling.


-Continuing with the Project 10 challenge. Every month I post 10 images centered on a certain theme...this will continue for 2015.


-Participating in a few local handmade artisan "shows"


- I have a goal of being published again....this time in something BIG. Who knows ;)


What are some goals you have for 2015? Thank you SO much for your input, time and love this year! Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see or learn about.