LifeCreated Print Club

Hello 2015! I can't wait for all of the fun things that await us this year! LifeCreated is in its official 2nd year of business, and I have high hopes for the months ahead...that includes pushing myself to new heights, and creating more art and working with more small businesses all over the U.S. I am always open to your ideas and opinions on blog posts, so please make 2015 an opinionated year...I love to hear from you.

This year I have had the hope of starting a print club!

lifecreated print club



Subscriptions to the print club will be available for 6 months ($50) or for 12 months ($80)

If there is enough interest, beginning with the new website due in February, you will be able to sign up for the club. All members willย get a handwritten card and surprise 5x7 professional print from me monthly! This is a fun way to connect with you and bless both of us throughout the year! I love to give and share the art of photography with you.

Prints given will be a mix of still life and food prints, but if you have a preference of one more than another, I will notate that.

I expect to take a bunch of new images throughout the year, and having them printed for peoples' homes is such a joy.

I am always open to custom image requests, and love to produce pictures that mean something to others. Thank you for joining me on the journey.


Do you or a friend have any interest in something like this? Please comment below to let me know!