Stories of Childhood; Project Ten "Same"

This "same" theme this month really threw me for a loop. I had a few ideas, and they all got ruined last minute for random reasons, and I decided to follow a theme all about childhood and story time. When we are kids, we have interests that come and go, but some do stay the same and follow us through life. Some of those things might be the stories we were read as children. The characters we loved and the daydreams we would have about their world and living in it with them. Having our kids grow up is bittersweet, and we wish they would stay the same, all the time knowing they wont.

For me, the Beatrix Potter stories always did that. My daughter enjoys those stories, and other memorable characters and this vintage horse we found at a nearby antique store...and some books I have had for decades.

(I couldn't come up with exactly 10 images, but will "shoot" for more next time )

Enjoy and go check out this "same" postย by Casey!


lifecreated styled shoot

lifecreated shoot