Where I Stand; Project Ten

I think this was the hardest month for me in all of the months/years I have participated in Project Ten! "Where I Stand" is the theme this time around, and it could be taken so many ways. I decided, in the end, to do something I have never done before : use past images to prove a point. I hope I can be more artistic in future months, but this month I really took the theme literally. If you ever see me take pictures, you will know that when I shoot, I move. In my workshops, one of the most important things I share is how vital it is to change perspective in your food shots. Don't be stiff. Don't stay at one angle...always shoot and move.

Where I stand for each shoot is different.

In food photography there are certain angles that are utilized more or less than others, with the 3 most common being eye-level, 45 degrees, or overhead (bird-eye view) shots. If you ever try to photograph food, go high and then low. Get close and then far.....always change it up!

So, below you will see a variety of my past shoots and the different angles I used each time....thanks for coming to see my post, and don't forget to follow our forum as it grows this month...go see Sharetographers and get involved!



Food Photography by LifeCreated


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