Recognizing Passion In Your Art

When it comes to your artistic style, you won't find the answers in a book. You can read all of the blogs and magazines you want, but your heart and "eye" will speak loudly. It can be hard to run a business sometimes because your business sense and heart may combat each other. Finding passion in your art is what will keep you going on the hard days as an artist. Especially in photography, I feel like many people say they struggle to find their style. I think by listening to your own heart and shooting the things you have a passion for, you will enjoy it all so much more. Your audience will come to know you. They will love your consistency and you will love what you do.

One of the biggest compliments I have heard is that someone saw a picture of mine somewhere and knew it was mine right away.

food photography

As you may know, I only photograph people occasionally. I feel like I know my style when it comes to food and product photography, but you can imagine my surprise as I was editing photos, and got a revelation!

I have always known I love hands. Hands tell stories, they show emotion, action and feeling all at once.

In food and product photography, I have a passion for details, quality and supporting small businesses with great pictures.

In "people photography" I love feeling and un-staged interactions between people.

For fun I went through some of my sessions from the past few months and noticed this trend. I hope it encourages other artists and photographers to make their art their own without even trying. Go through your works and study your trends. Do you favor colors? Themes? Keep going and don't worry about comparison. Your hands and your mind are uniquely you.artisitc style and photography

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