First Birth & A Newborn Session by LifeCreated

In my photography journey so far, there are sessions I dream up in my mind, and ones I say I hope I can do one day. A birth session had always been on my list, but I didn't know how that would ever happen, being a primarily food & product photographer. I have come around to the idea of challenging myself outside of that realm for some time. I practice on my kids and other families that trust me and believe in me even more than I do myself! In every session, I look for the details, still moments... and with people, we can add in emotion...a wonderful thing! I feel like births and weddings are those kind of shoots that are life changing. You are there for that one momentous time that they will never forget. Birth, especially, is such a miracle. What an honor it is to be there for someone in that way.

A local family was searching for someone to capture the birth of their last baby. I added my name to a list of interested photographers and was excited when everything fell into place and I got to be "on call" one weekend in early October. Mom let me know they were being induced sometime that evening, but a bed wasn't open so she would call when she was ready for me to come. I slept in my clothes that night, camera by me- sleeping on the couch in our living room with my cell phone by my ear so that I would be sure not to miss a thing or wake anyone up.

Every hour I woke up and checked my phone. It was crazy how this experience of someone else's induction sent me through an empathetic type of stress. I was also induced with 2 of my kids, and had to spend the night waiting in the hospital. Its such a "pins and needles" kind of feeling. I stopped several times, reminding myself it wasn't me actually having the baby! HA!

Just as the sunlight was about to peek out for a new day, my phone rang. Mom let me know "It is time to push!" .


Oh my!


Good thing I live pretty close to the hospital. I made it there in 15 minutes, another 3 minutes to get my camera out and ready, and one push later, the world had a new handsome little man in it. Although it was still very dark, the family's closeness and joy was tangible. I waited another hour for some bonding shots and then left them to be together.

Several days later, I shot some family and baby details at their home.

If you are thinking of trying a birth session some day, I highly recommend you take that leap! Be honest with the mom, letting her know you haven't done one before. Hopefully she will be like the family I worked with: encouraging, patient, thoughtful and clear on their expectations.  (Since I am still growing in this area, any baby sessions I do currently are a discounted rate)

If you are considering having a birth photographer, do it! My first birth & a newborn session to follow were unforgettable.

(For the privacy of the family, I am only sharing a few of the 200 images they received) birth session by LifeCreatednewborn by LifeCreated