Lifestyled Details; 2016 Photography Journey

If you are looking for a photography challenge to be a part of in 2016, I know it can be a scary choice. The idea of keeping up with one more thing daily can be daunting, but I hope this is more of a journey than a challenge. As you shoot more of the things you love, your style and vision grow. So, I hope you will consider joining me in my weekly #lifestyleddetails challenge where we will capture unscripted moments, items in our daily lives, and emotion. Most of all, this photography journey will be your art. lifestyled details photography challenge

Come and go as you want. Participate as much as you want. It will be broken up by weeks, with the launch day being Monday, January 4th. Every friday I will share my 5 images from the week on the blog!

Below are the prompts for January, and I would love if you shared your images on the LifeCreated page, or by tagging me when you share on Instagram.





This is very relaxed and hopefully inspiration for you shooting whenever and wherever you are. No rules, no pressure.

Before the list, here are some older shots of mine that may inspire you.

lifestyled details photographyJANUARY

4- spoons

5-something blue



8-holding hands



13-window light



18-something crafty

19-something orange




25- garden

26- farm

27-something to drink

28- cookies

29- favorite fruit