In-Person Help Learning Photoshop Elements

I am excited to open personal help time in  June & July to come learn how I use Elements to process my images in a simple, clean way. If there is one common thing I hear during my workshops, it's that attendees use phone apps to edit, or Pic-monkey for filters...but they want to learn more. Do you struggle with the brightness, sharpness, colors and depth of your images? Of course our goal is to get everything as "right in camera" as we can, but sometimes we need to finish our images off with a few extra touches.

Over the past almost 5 years, I have been teaching myself different techniques for editing shots in Elements to use for my ETSY shop, website, blog posts and more. Whether you are like me and like bright and airy shots, or if you prefer darker moody shots, your editing style will evolve over time.

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I always meet so many business owners afraid of using a DSLR, then afraid to switch to RAW settings, and furthermore, even more scared about what editing program to use. Don't be afraid! If you find yourself leaning on apps and Pic-monkey, I can help you transition to something that can help you so much more.

If you are someone who would like to learn in person/hands-on, one of my help sessions could benefit you.

Keep in mind, the program is very versatile and could take many hours to master, so this class is a "get your feet wet" introduction into how I use it, and how we can use it on your pictures. I am not claiming to be a Photoshop expert, but love helping others learn how to perfect their own craft.


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With Photoshop elements there are several perks:

--You get the Photoshop essentials without being too overwhelmed with extra tools that aren't needed for basic clean editing!

--The program is affordable!

--You can learn your own editing style over time, and not be reliant upon actions if you rather not use them!

--Learning to shoot in RAW and edit images simply helps show your images off the best and in a simple process!

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Details about the class:

WHO: Anyone who is starting their photography journey and wanting to learn how to edit RAW images in Adobe Camera RAW + Photoshop Elements. Particularly photographers who want a clean style, and love to shoot simply styled shots.

WHAT: Beginners introduction into my style of photo processing using Photoshop Elements. We will have a casual "class" of up to 3 people attending per group. During each class, I will manually show you how I edit 3 images, and then each of you can submit a shot to be edited in the class by you, with my help. You don't need to bring anything- you will be provided something for note-taking.


WHEN: The dates available are:

June 11   9 am-11 am

June 17 10 am-noon

July 9 10-noon


WHERE: My work space (Chandler, AZ)

COST: The cost for the class is $115 per person. This fee is non refundable and can't be moved to another date, but if you can't attend any longer, you can sell your seat to someone else.


Simply select the date you want to grab your ticket!


(Once a date is sold out, it will be notated above)



An example of a shot we will go over together:






If you are preferring photography/styling coaching, consider checking out my in person or Skype mentoring sessions on the workshops page!