Documentary Food Photography

The storytelling aspect of documentary photography is absolutely my favorite. Documentary food photography makes my heart skip two beats, because where food is, there are people...and great stories. Everyone all over the world can relate to food, and around a dinner table, many stories and relationships can be made or a common ground found.

You might remember I recently had the honor of photographing a farm dinner in Scottsdale at The Simple Farm, a place I have been visiting for the past 5 years. 

It is fun to see pictures of my oldest daughter and I there when she was barely 4 or 5ish...eating pastries, we would both admire the goats and the flowers. Many fun memories have been spent hosting shoots, the creative series classes, and learning about caramels.

farm photography
Arizona food photographer

This dinner was a special evening, and the gorgeous setting under the stars with a chef-prepared meal was so warm and inviting. The guests ate by string-light glows, and the chef had to prepare dishes in the dark of the night, with the help of a spot light.

farm dinner.jpg
documentary food photography

Even though many of the guests didn't know eachother, I know that many of them left with new friends and stories to tell. What a beautiful night it was! 

farm dinner.jpg