Self Care and Thoughtful Still Photography You Can Do At Home

Would you think I was crazy if I said people could find healing and a form of self-care through still photography? Did you know you can accomplish beautiful images at home?

Creativity and reflection made possible with still photography is real. It can be so therapeutic- even if the kids are running around in the background-let’s be real.

Summer is generally a time when families start to slow down, focus on the school years ending, planning fun trips and making memories together. Business owners know just because it is summer, we still have a lot of the same duties resting on our shoulders, although the schedule and demands may vary a little. This is a great time to explore this artistic outlet. I hope to encourage everyone that if still life/product or food photography is a passion of yours, you can start today- even at home and without a lot of cost.

STILL LIFE Photography

One of the main things I teach in my workshops is about how all of our experiences form our view and the way we see the world. Our passions, the people in our lives and places we visit all shape the way we notice details- and 2 people can look at the SAME thing, but see different things. I love this about still photography.

We can take our time arranging, adding to a scene and taking away…whether you are styling a flat lay, inside your home, or flowers next to your window.

As a homeschooling mom, I am daily pushing myself to look deeper to the big picture of things, because nit picking the small stuff would just be exhausting. This helps me as I approach shoots or a blank backdrop waiting for me to style something on top. With the Summer months comes so many beautiful colors and opportunities to go new places.

Flat lay photography

When grief comes our way, appointments rule our schedules or we desire a creative way to let thoughts flow freely, I find photography is that silent friend you can take with you on a walk, while you enjoy your kids at the park, or just doing mundane things around the house.

Especially as moms, we are a lot of things to many people. When to find time to be creative? Shooting still can be done at home, at any hour.

Flat Lay Photography

Speaking of inspiration coming from anywhere- I hope to encourage you with some behind the scenes and final shots of a still life set up I showed on Instagram this week. The idea at the grocery store, and shared a few steps along the way…

still life photography

Bought some grocery store flowers, and styled them on my front porch!

Still life photography
still life photography

F 1.6, 1/160, iso 125

food photography